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23 December 2020 @ 10:51 pm
* = currently private as transaction isn't completed yet
o = positive
x = negative
- = neutral


1 ( o )

Celga (shopping service)

1 ( o ), 2* ( - )

Dear Celine (TaoBao)

1 ( o )

Innocent World

1 ( o ), 2 ( o ), 3 ( o ), 4 ( o ), 5 ( o )

Lolita Princess (TaoBao)

1 ( - )


1 ( o ), 2 ( o )

Shipping (to Germany)

DHL *, EMS (China)/GDSK *, EMS (Japan), TNT, USPS

TaoBaoSpree (shopping service)

1 ( o )
01 January 2020 @ 02:56 pm

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01 March 2011 @ 09:46 pm
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26 December 2010 @ 10:05 pm
... my daily dose of happiness. XD No, really. Whenever I feel somewhat down, for whatever reason, a clip featuring these five miracle boys is enough to make me smile again. There's no better way to end the day than watching an 嵐 video. For me, at least... and tonight I'm really in need of some dose of randomness and epic fails in order to feel relaxed. As I'm one of the lucky ones who has to work between Christmas and New Year. And that's not exactly something to look forward to.
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20 December 2010 @ 09:49 pm
Order: 20/12/2010
Confirmation & Payment: 20/10/2010
Shipped: 04/01/2011 (via EMS)
Received: 08/01/2011

Lucky Pack A

Lucky Packs are limited and thus I placed my order right after I received the newsletter announcing the beginning of the reservation period. Once again, a few things should be remembered when ordering a LP (though some were only stated on the japanese website): novelities don't apply, you aren't allowed to order other items. The order process was as usual: via special order form and later on payment over a PP invoice. And, of course, no further confirmation until the LP has actually been shipped. The LP was shipped on the first business day of 2011 for the online shop. It arrived rather fast, even the customs control was fast for once. The sad thing is that I had to pay nearly 100EUR customs fees. But that's a usual problem with EMS.

The content of the LP was a complete mystery. IW only stated that it would feature various goods. Once again, the items were shipped in a sturdy box.

Thanks to customs control, one EMS slip ended up inside the box along with the invoice. Well, it could be worse.

The accessoires were packed in a separate plastic bag.

The accessoires included were: socks (in dark blue), a postcard set and a case for credit cards and such.

The following pictures ended up a little too dark. It was evening when I received the items and I wanted to take pictures even though the light in my room isn't that good. I'll replace them with better pictures soon.

Next was a gorgeous dress in purple. So pretty and very comfy as well. It's made of thick cotton, perfect for winter.

A blouse in black. Sadly enough it was a size S, I'll have to trade or sell the blouse.

And the coat. This coat is simply awesome. A cute rabbit design, detachable soft fur at the top and a very comfortable fit. However... it's size M and I'm not able to close it. Once again, something to sell or trade.

5/5... socks, postcard set, wallet, dress, blouse and coat for 31.500JPY. A bargain when you consider that a coat alone costs that much most of the time. Of course, not everything was my size but that's the risk when ordering a LP therefore I won't consider that within my rating. The quality of the items was definetly worth it.
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20 December 2010 @ 09:25 pm
Order: 20/12/2010
Confirmation & Payment: 20/10/2010
Shipped: 27/12/2010 (via EMS)
Received: 08/01/2011

Winter Lucky Pack (dark color)

I registered myself on the English website the evening before the Lucky Packs (LP) went on sale. Registering was very easy, just a short form and that's it. When ordering a LP I had to keep some things in mind: you won't receive any points, you aren't allowed to put other items into the cart (if you do the order will be cancelled), the Christmas Fair novelty won't be included. And, of course, the number is limited. I actually got up at 4am just to order this pack. Yes, I'm desperate. XD When ordering you can select if you want to pay via credit card or Paypal (PP). When choosing PP, after confirming your order you'll see a page which redirects you to a PP page where you can complete the payment. The payment confirmation is also the confirmation that the order was successfully placed. The website stated that the LP's will be send out from 27/12 onwards and I did receive a tracking number on 28/12 confirming that my package was shipped on said date but didn't arrive until nearly two weeks later. Shipping to Germany was really delayed this time. At least, I didn't have to pay customs fees.

Usually you don't know what's included in a LP, Metamorphose gave some hints though: pinafore dress, long sleeve blouse, ribbon barrette, bloomers, accessoires (including socks) and special original bag. In other words: a whole outfit coordination. The LP was shipped in a plastic bag.

Inside the bag was another plastic bag, this time with the Metamorphose logo.

The items were neatly folded with a "thank you" notice on top.

And I actually received the special bag I wanted: the one in pink. I love the glitter design with the gold print.

The main design was black with rose print on top. The bloomers were a perfect fit, as expected.

The ribbon barrette with the main design.

And the dress of the same design. A lovely piece, however, it's a bit too small for me. I debate whether to sell/trade it or just see if I fit into it after my diet.

The included white blouse has shirring at the back but it won't fit me. My bust is simply too big for this blouse. Another item which I have to trade or sell.

The accessory is the following necklace. It's not my style though therefore I'll trade or sell this one as well.

5/5... bag, bloomers, ribbon barrette, dress, blouse and necklace for 15.000JPY. Just by looking at the price tag of the dress I can see that it's a real bargain again. Once again, some items are not my size but that's the risk of LPs. Aside from that, the items are of great quality and the price is justified.
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08 December 2010 @ 08:57 pm
My lolita WTB (want to buy) list...

Main Point

♥ needs to fit classic style
♥ needs to fit my measurements (height 168cm, bust 95cm + ~5cm)

Top Priority

♥ BTSSB's Tartan Check Princess Shirring JSKs
Note: not the JSKs with tiny sleeves


♥ Innocent World Ribbon Shirring Blouse


♥ Alice and the Pirates Misty Night Royal Game JSK


♥ Juliette et Justine Gelée sur la Rose OP


♥ Juliette et Justine La Couronne Classique Robe


♥ Juliette et Justine Dariel Saison Blouse


♥ Moi-Méme-Moitée Sleeping Garden Long OP


Innocent World

♥ anything XD
♥ preferable L size
♥ no real color preference (pink/bordeaux shades are my favorite though)
♥ especially looking for:
Random Dot OP (size L, blue)
Bertille Rose Dress JSK (bordeaux)
Pietro Angel JSK (bordeaux, long)
Lily Emblem Regimental Stripe JSK (bordeaux)
London Stripe Tiered JSK (beigexchocolate)
Heart Rose Shirring JSK (beige, long)
Cross Neck Tiered JSK (bordeaux, long)
Linderhof JSK (bordeaux, long)
Round Collar Ribbon Dress (size L, navy)
Pietro Angel OP (size L, black)
Standing Color Tartan Check OP (size L, chocolate)
Little Bird Cameo OP (size L, bordeaux)
Renoir OP (size L, old rose)
Royal Check OP
Iris JSK
Halterneck Tiered JSK
Angel Land JSK
Puppy JSK
Rose Lace JSK
Alcyon Rose JSK
Classical Angel OP
Rose Ribbon Skirt
Dolce JSK
Brown Embroidered Skirt
Rococo Stripe OP
Trump Rose Skirt
Music Series Torchon Lace OP
Classical Angels Tiered Skirt
4 Tiered Torchon Lace Skirt
Chandelier OP
Olivia JSK
Elda JSK
Nicolas Fruit JSK
Angel Land Skirt
Chiffon Ribbon Print OP
Antonia JSK
Vienesse Rose JSK
Harmonia OP
♥ please check my poupée site for items I already own

Baby The Stars Shine Bright

♥ JSK/OP/shirring blouses
♥ preferable L size
♥ simple/plain designs (e.g. gingham style)
♥ no real color preference (pink/bordeaux shades are my favorite for JSKs/OPs though)
♥ please check my poupée site for items I already own

Other Brands
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07 December 2010 @ 11:14 pm
Order: 22/09/2010, 23/09/2010
Confirmation & Payment: 24/09/2010
Shipped: ??/??/2010
Received: 09/10/2010

Victorian Maiden Hair Comb
Angelic Pretty Socks

A VM hair comb for only US$12? How could I resist this auction? I also bid on a pair of Anglic Pretty socks and paid one day after the last auction ended. And then I had to wait. Despite the info on eBay that items will be shipped within four days after the payment I didn't receive any information about the shipment. Only on 07/10 I was informed by eBay that the seller marked the items as shipped. They arrived only two days later via EMS.

The comb arrived in its original box and still had its original price tag. The socks were brandnew as well. No flaws.

4/5... The only negative point is that it takes much longer for the items to be shipped than stated on eBay.
29 October 2010 @ 02:37 pm
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11 June 2010 @ 08:18 pm
Sometimes dreams do come true. One of my fave artists, Gackt, is actually touring Europe in July as confirmed more than two weeks ago. What followed was another example of how hard you have to fight as a fan in order to secure your tickets. And if you think that tickets selling out in about one day is fast, you were proven wrong with the tickets for Gackt's tour.
The tickets went on sale at 0.01am on the 7th and the servers of all related ticket websites crashed. For nearly 12 hours. What meant you needed a lot of patience. And strong nerves. In the end it was quite frustrating: the server crashed regulary and me along with hundreds of others weren't able to settle the purchase. In the end, after about two hours of trying and failing, it was finally announced that the tickets were sold out. I was more than sad about this. However, on the 8th, by pure chance, I happened to visit one of the ticket sites again and there was a ticket for Munich available. I didn't think long and just purchased it. Gosh, I've hardly ever felt this lucky before. The ticket arrived today and it's just an awesome feeling to know that I'll finally be able to see Gackt live. After ten years of being his fan... just the thought makes me giggle. Waah~, let it be the 22nd of July already! XD
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